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User Data
We store the user data like: Name, ID, Avatar, Banner, Primary Color. We store them and provide it in the commands: /profile, /bio, /user, /coins and etc. The purpose of storing them for in case if our bot went offline, the data we store wouldn't be lost and with out any damage. You can request a data remove using the command /remdata.

Users UUID
currently, we store the only Beta testers users UUID, that means any other user that has no access to the beta edition will not be stored since he doesn't have any UUID. We store the UUID's for our next profile commands(v8 - v10).

Website Cookies
We use the standard(default) cookies to give the user the best experience, and without any lacking of sensitive info. The user have full access to accept or deny the cookies, but we recommend it for better web experience.

Message Content
Well, since we don't have access to MESSAGE_CONTENT intent, that means we don't store and we can't under specific circumstances has been set by Discord(when Hino got verified).

API Usage
Is there any data about me stored in your API? Actually no, we don't store any users & servers data, we only store the public data of our bot like: name, id, creation date, avatar, and etc. If you have more questions don't be shy! Just contact us!.